About The Book

Time to rapidly innovate yourself as an entrepreneur moving forward. If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur – this ready guide is for you. Perhaps you have found yourself unemployed (or underemployed) and are looking to recreate yourself fast fast – this is your book. Are you over 50 years old and looking to capitalize on your experience to make a great living – this book is for you. Are you new to business but unable to find a rewarding career opportunity? This book offers prescriptive guidance on how to be a successful entrepreneur! Based on the Finder, Minder, Grinder professional services framework, this book is for everyone, young or old, who is considering being an entrepreneur in ANY INDUSTRY. You will learn how to get “the business,” manage your business and your customers and do the actual work. Consider the Pocket MBA™ as the “MBA” for the reset of us without a two-year expensive residency at a University. We cut to the chase! Needless to say – many industries are changing very quickly, and that economic upending is resulting in amazing new opportunities in existing and new industries. And let’s face it, with the global disruptions in business, some jobs will never return, requiring you to reinvent yourself right here right now. This book is your guide to capitalizing on chaos – where the next great fortunes are being made. Written by a successful serial entrepreneur who started his first business in middle school (importing digital watches to Alaska), Harry Brelsford has participated in over a dozen startups in a wide range of industries. His pain along the entrepreneurial pathway is your immediate gain by following the actionable guidance in this book. Need more convincing? Assuming you are gainfully employed but want to make a change, this book is your “cookbook” on how to go from being a successful EMPLOYEE to ENTREPRENEUR! Finally – the majority of the world’s richest people on the Forbes 1000 List are entrepreneurs!

Chapter 1

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?!?!

In this chapter:

  • Reasons to be an Entrepreneur
  • Enjoying the financial and professional rewards of being a successful entrepreneur
  • Observing an average work week of an Entrepreneur
  • Appreciating the success factors affecting entrepreneurs
  • Understanding failure factors and risks affecting entrepreneurs


So, you want to be an entrepreneur? And not just any entrepreneur, but a profitable and professionally competent entrepreneur! Congratulations. This is the starting point in your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. Savor this moment, because your professional life in business will forever change from this point forward.  Another reason to savor the moment is to firmly establish your humbleness baseline from which you’ll draw your modesty later when great success beckons. That is, you’ll want to remember where you came from once you’ve moved a long way up the entrepreneurial wealth curve.

BEST PRACTICE: Right here right now on page one, let’s get one thing straight. I’ve said it once in the preface, and I’ll say it again. With the “new normal” economy being very different from the past, for many of us the only pathway to success is to create your own job as an entrepreneur. That is because there are no jobs for many folks due to an economic reset in existing business models, ageism, unemployment and the challenges of being from underserved communities. That answer is hopeful: become an entrepreneur. The good news is that the wealthiest people in the world are entrepreneurs and not wage slaves (a.k.a. employees).

Moving forward, the pace quickens from this moment for the balance of your career as a rock start entrepreneur. Believe it or not, starting with these introductory paragraphs, you’ve launched yourself as an entrepreneur (albeit a relatively new one).  As I’ve traveled the world preaching about business, I have seen time and time again that many, many good people want to become successful entrepreneurs in opportunistic segments (such as technology). However, few of these people truly accomplish that wonderful yet challenging goal. .. For most people, their entrepreneurial hopes and desires never progress beyond idle BBQ banter with neighbors, shooting the breeze over the grill on a sunny summer weekend when such talk is especially cheap. Others get part of the way through the process before things like family matters (aka the “life thing”) preclude them from reaching the promised land of being an entrepreneur. Others do in fact become entrepreneurs, but not truly profitable in their work, remaining content to eek out a spartan living, receive no client referrals, but otherwise enjoy their professional lives (and freedom). These are lifestyle entrepreneurs and there’s room in the big tent for these well-intended souls. Finally, a select class will not only enjoy being an entrepreneur but will thrive financially along the way and be able to look back many years and agree it was all worth it. I’m predicting the organic startup business opportunity will “beat the Street” in the new normal over the decade (the street is Wall Street). I’m going to try my best to get you to that safe and happy place — and you’ve taken the all-important first step by not only purchasing this book, but actually starting to read it! You’d be amazed how many folks buy books and then never use them.

So onward, one paragraph at a time, as we journey together through this book and reach the lofty heights of being successful entrepreneurs.


What’s Inside


Chapter 1

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?!?!?

Chapter 2

Entrepreneur Business Plan

Chapter 3

Foundation for Entrepreneurial Success

Chapter 4

Discovering Opportunity

Chapter 5

Planting Seeds and Growing an Entrepreneur Practice

Chapter 6

Entrepreneur Marketing

Chapter 7

PIVOT Marketing and Analytics System

Chapter 8

Entrepreneurial Sales

Chapter 9

Be the Rainmaker

Chapter 10

Client Relationship Management

Chapter 11

Business Management

Chapter 12

Financial Management

Chapter 13

Use Case: Consulting Methodologies

Chapter 14

New Ideas!


About The Author

Harry Brelsford is the founder of SMB Nation (www.smbnation.com) from Bainbridge Island, Wash. He is a long-time entrepreneur who has served customers and mentored others.

He holds an MBA in Project Management from the University of Denver (and numerous certifications such as MCSE, MCT, CNE, et al) and is the author of 23 books on business and technology topics. His 20 years of small and medium business (SMB) business and technology experience were supplemented by teaching 12+ years at night as an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University and other higher-learning institutions. He served as the Dean in the Graduate School of Technology at Aspen University (where he was awarded a PhD in Letters).

Harry is an in-demand speaker at industry events. Harry’s recent books include the “How to Be an MSP” and he has published over 400-articles in business (Washington CEO, Colorado Business, Alaska Business Monthly) and technology magazines (ChannelPro, Microsoft Certified Professional magazine, etc.). An active entrepreneur, Harry is the force behind the Pocket MBA, Telephonation, Cloud Nation and XPmigrations.com.

Harry Brelsford